Good News for ‘Soultrekker’ Fans!

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

I have been on an unexpected hiatus, waiting for my editor to do the final edit of The Soultrekker Chronicles’ Book Two. Unfortunately, her health issues and other challenges have significantly slowed her progress, putting the brakes on my plans for a 2017 release. I do apologize to all of you who have inquired about the next installment of Arwyn’s tale.

The good news is that the first fully edited chapters are ready for the printing press, and they’re good! I’m so excited to introduce my readers to several fun, complex, intriguing new characters.  My next book is expected to be available to you in the summer of 2018.  I will keep you updated.

During this hiatus, I’ve busied myself with other projects, namely trying to get caught up on my long-neglected scrapbooking projects, my other creative passion. Perhaps I’ll share some of my creations with you at a later date.

Also, since you last heard from me, my technology-guru husband added a subscription sign-up here on my website so that you can more readily receive my newsletters, including news about Book Two’s release.  I would love it if everyone who reads this post would click on “Newsletter” RIGHT NOW and sign up!

So, for those of you chomping at the bit to know what will happen on Arwyn’s journey to the elven realm, whether or not there will be any sparks between her and Galamir, and what will befall the Alliance and its rebellion, bear with me a little longer.  It’ll be worth the wait!

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