Gets a Facelift!

Hello and welcome to my new and improved website! I hope you like the new look, which reflects the feel of the entire Soultrekker Chronicles series. The change is only fitting, considering the release of Book Two is right around the corner!

The forest pathway beckons you to join my heroine, Arwyn, in her journey of self-discovery in the mysterious, enchanting land of Bensor. What lies at the end of the path? The answer lies in Book Three, but for now there will be plenty of adventure and intrigue building up to the final chapters of Arwyn’s story.

It has also come to my attention that the map in my books is not very easy to decipher. Such is the nature of black and white print. However, along with the changes to my website comes the addition of a link on the homepage to a COLOR, full-screen version of the map of my world, making it much easier for readers to visualize the land where the story takes place.  (Thanks to Campaign Cartographer for the map-making software, another fun aspect of fantasy writing!)

Finally, realizing The Soultrekker Chronicles has messages on several different levels (psychological, spiritual, social), with mysteries and foreshadowing throughout, the speculation it breeds is perfect for book club discussions. I have therefore added a page dedicated to questions for book clubs to my website! Some of the questions made for lively discussion during a recent book club meeting I attended where The Healer of Guildenwood was the featured book of the month, but more on that in the next newsletter, coming later this week.

I’d love to know what you think of the changes, so please leave me a message in the “Contact” section. That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for a BIG giveaway in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas!

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