The Secret of the Hold is Available for purchase! Plus a drawing for a free paperback!

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It is my great pleasure to announce the release of The Secret of the Hold, Book Two of The Soultrekker Chronicles, available here (ebook will be available on January 25th)! See what Jeff LaFerney, author of the award winning Jumper and the Clay and Tanner Thomas mystery series, has to say: “The Secret of the Hold is a must-read, follow-up fantasy with an incredible, emotional plot and a stunning ending that’ll leave you wanting more.” Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and kept asking about the second book in the series. After months of delays that were beyond my control but nevertheless important, the wait is almost over! To celebrate, I’m doing a drawing to give away one free paperback for every ten new subscribers to my newsletter! So sign up today, here on my website! Winners will be announced on January 27th. Finally, The Soultrekker Chronicles  is the perfect choice for your next book club meeting. I have updated my website, adding questions for for The Secret of the Hold.  But be forewarned that the questions may contain spoilers!

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